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We provide effective and completely individual treatment for bladder symptoms

How you benefit

Individual, reliable, expert care

Your needs are our priority

Our top priority is to get to know and take account of the needs of every one of our patients so as to provide the best possible care. In order to do this, we involve partners, friends and family in our recommendations.  

You can rely on us

Empathy and compassion underlie our work. We are friendly, careful and genuine in our dealings with patients and partners. We treat each patient with the greatest discretion.  

We give you all the time you need

We give our patients all the time they need, and listen to them to fully understand their personal situation so that we can carry out investigations and provide treatment that has the best chance of success.  

We deal with you on a personal and completely individual basis

We take account of the personal needs, wishes and abilities  of each one of our patients so that we can provide the best possible treatment for each individual situation.