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A strong bladder makes a confident child

Child-centred treatment for bed-wetting, incontinence and bladder disorders in childhood

Peadiatric urology

Incontinence, cystitis and bladder disorders in children

Paediatric urology deals with urological conditions that occur specifically in childhood. These include incontinence, diseases of the kidneys, ureter, and bladder, congenital malformation and functional problems such as:

  • incontinence in childhood
  • bed-wetting
  • neurogenic bladder disorder in childhood (for example:
    • in cases of spina bifida or
    • after brain damage in early childhood.
  • urinary tract infections

Incontinence and bladder disorders in children

Very young children have no control over bladder voiding. As bladder control develops, the child becomes able to control his or her bladder consciously, first during the day and later also at night.  
Bladder malfunction in children is a complex issue, and organic, neurological and psychological aspects must be taken into account.

Neurogenic urinary tract and rectal malfunction in childhood

Children with spina bifida or who suffered brain damage in early childhood very often suffer from neurogenic urinary tract and rectal malfunction, and require long-term neurological treatment and care from very early childhood.

Bed-wetting in children

The most common non-neurogenic bladder malfunction in childhood is enuresis nocturna (bed-wetting) with or without symptoms during the day (frequent urge, pant-wetting, difficulty in voiding the bladder). The causes of enuresis nocturna are increased urine production at night, bladder muscle hyperactivity and difficulty waking. Nowadays, more attention is also being paid to accompanying factors such as frequent bladder infections, constipation with and without faecal incontinence, attention deficit syndromes or hyperkinetic disorders as well as developmental and sleep disorders. The most important step is to determine whether the child is incontinent only at night, is incontinent at night and also has symptoms during the day, or is incontinent only during the day. This differentiation is not always simple, and requires a standardised basic diagnosis along with any complex additional diagnostic procedures that may be required in individual cases.

Frequent cystitis in childhood

At the KontinenzZentrum we also investigate and provide child-centred and lasting treatment for urinary tract infections in childhood.

If these infections occur frequently, appropriate steps to prevent cystitis are taken.

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