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Incontinence advice and continence aids

Unfortunately, it is not possible to successfully treat incontinence and functional disorder of the urinary tract in every single case. Nevertheless, it is possible for practically every sufferer to control incontinence using suitable aids and reduce its effects on the quality of life. The term "continence aids" is used to cover a wide range of urine-draining, urine-catching and urine-absorbing products. The careful selection of the right products requires expertise, sensitivity and patience, and is hugely important for the well-being of the person suffering from incontinence. The ability to maintain the outward appearance of a continent person with the aid of an incontinence pad and to avoid the stigmatisation caused by incontinence helps to maintain a person's quality of life, self-confidence and involvement in public life. The broad range of such aids stretches from urine flasks and incontinence pads through to various models of catheter. The choice of the right products is based on the extent of the incontinence, individual circumstances (sex, age, height, build, mobility) and the personal wishes and needs of each individual person affected. Besides maintaining the quality of life, incontinence aids also help to prevent complications like damaged skin and inflammations of the bladder.